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Redefining the art of capturing weddings by providing both refined fine art traditional imagery with ethereal images. Our philosophy is that images should do more than just document time. On a wedding day, couples experience a myriad of emotions. The anticipation, elation, exuberance, joy and tears all flow within a few short hours. The photos should showcase all of those emotions and depict them in poignant imagery that you'll forever remember fondly over the decades to come. I have a unique eye and perspective that combines two worlds of perfectly posed and inconspicuous view of your wedding!




Meet Joanna

romantic vogue is the dreaminess and intimacy we love to capture. we create ethereal feelings, we catch the candid moments, and we dance with you to create art in motion. We love raw romance and we are experts in posing brides Vanity Fair style. our unique view of the wedding day is our artistry. we effortlessly combine The softness and beauty, with bold juxtapositions and fine art.   

Our inspiration

I started my professional photography career in 2011 in the great state of Alaska. I have honed my skills over the years capturing various events and special occasions. But I now specialize in three areas; weddings, newborn, and fine art vogue.

I'm originally a New Yorker (Texans...don't hate me because of that! lol). But I've lived in so many states, Alaska being my second longest.

I find that the NYC girl mixed with the AK wilderness definitely represents my artistry in my brand of Romantic Vogue. 

I recently traveled to France and Italy. I absolutely fell in love with the immense beauty and architecture. So much more of the Romance has fallen into my desire in capturing authenticity in weddings. I've always accidentally captured it...but now I want to embrace it with more intention.

So my hope is to share the less perfect vogue. The blurred lines, the emotion and movement, and the dramatic lighting that I often work hard to make perfect. Because what I've discovered is there's a release of embracing the imperfections...because they create some of the most poignant imagery.



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I'm married with two kiddos, and a Westie!

I love to wear black & grey...all the time. It's the NYC girl in me! But my favorite colors are burgundy, pale pink, goldenrod mustard, and duck egg blue (not together though lol).

I love to laugh.

I never wear makeup...ever! But feel that a good makeup artist is essential for amazing wedding portraits.

I love ice a lot.

My career prior to photography was as a corporate auditor. I loved it! And that level of organization comes into play when working on your wedding!

I'm a recovering perfectionist...but it still gets me sometimes. Ha!


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It's important to us here at JBW that the experience matches the quality of imagery. What is a luxury experience at JBW? We strive to connect with our brides prior to them even booking with us. We want to know your timeline, your venue, your ideas, and meet you personally first. There is time invested into you, before you start investing in us. We are attentive to your needs and listen to your wedding inspirations.

It's important that your vision matches our style and energy. So we chat over coffee to get to know one another. By the time we meet for our first coffee visit, most know that they like my style and value my creative strengths. They want to make that official connection to begin the start of our beautiful relationship.

Lastly...after clients book me there's always a little blue box waiting for them at our second meeting to welcome you to the JBW family. I mean it's not luxury without a blue box. 

the JBW Luxury experience

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Why Invest with us

Our process is selective, much like in a luxury establishment. We are careful to ensure that our brides are meant for us. We do not book multiple weddings on a wedding day or in the same weekend. I take a select number of weddings per year, so that I can provide them undivided attention and focus

When you meet me, you know that I will be behind the lens for your important day. I come early, and I let you know before I leave. I also come with a team. They include my second shooter, and my assistant...and sometimes a BTS content curator. But I discuss that with my brides when they book me.

I have galleries completed within 8 weeks. And I provide detailed edits to select images to perfection for your albums and publication. I've had images featured in Vogue, and strive to have more features and publications in the future.

I view the wedding day like a cinematic film...depending on where you grab the stills images can be perfect or something in between.

I'm there to capture the whole story. Parts of a film are beautiful and perfect and detailed. That's where my romantic and vogue images come from.

But the wedding day is also fast, and busy, and crazy. That's where I love to capture the authentic imagery that's not always clear, but blurry, and busy, and full of energy.

~Joanna Booth

Joanna Booth is an amazing photographer and human! She was extremely professional and was consistently attentive and engaged in every single interaction I had with her. She toured the various wedding venues (I had a 3 day wedding) and shared with me what shots she wanted to get at what times (thinking about lighting, our schedule, who all would need to be there). She has a versatile style and really captured the full essence of my wedding weekend. To top it off her editing is on point! She will move heads/faces/bodies in and out of photos to ensure your main images are stunning. 

"she's amazing & attentive"

"Her style is versatile"

Nadia & Michael
Lakeside Country Club Wedding

Joanna is the best photographer! Her eye is impeccable. She captured our engagement photos and wedding day perfectly. Her images are so stunning and timeless. She is also an absolute joy to work with. She took the time to get to know us as her clients and it really showed through her images. The day of the wedding she was my saving grace providing a calming force as we were preparing for the ceremony. We will use her for our key milestones as our family grows and look forward to our blossoming relationship with her.

& Timeless"

"Her images are stunning

Lauren + Kenneth
The Peach Orchard Wedding



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